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Relationship Result

Phil Pollard 2016


Relationship Result is the 'go to' site for all your relationship questions.


Phil is the owner of Relationship Result and the creator of the premier program ‘from Ordinary to WOW


If your relationship is not working as well as you like to, then maybe now would be a great time to check out the FREE resources available at

Launch Into Your Ideal Life

October 2013


If You are At a Turning Point in Your Life,


Just Want More Clarity and Direction,


Want to Restore Your Passion,


This Is Written With You in Mind.

Inspiration Bible


Would you love a year of inspiration at your fingertips?


The book that I am published in – Inspiration Bible – is packed full of uplifting stories, messages and poetry that will help you to live a magnificent life!


Access the heart, mind and soul of 365 people from around the world in one book.

Available on Amazon

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